10tbs. of butter,

you can use margarine if you want. it wouldn`t matter with this recipe,really.

3/4 C. of pure cocoa powder

1C. of sugar

3 Large eggs

1tsp. vanilla essence/rum

pinch of salt(omit id using margarine)

1/3C flour

Optional Ingredients:

1 C. Walnuts/Cashew nuts/Almond/mixed nuts

1/2 C chocolate bits

or marshmallows

or powdered sugar


1.Preheat oven in 170C

2. Put butter in a large “pyrex” mixing bowl or a regular thick mixing bowl with its bottom covered with aluminum foil. Add the cocoa powder(sifted) and cook in a water bath for 8-10minutes. Set aside to cool

3. In a large bowl beat the eggs till pale in color (lemon like color) or till it has some air in it. Add the sugar little at a time and continue mixing till the sugar slightly melts and get well incorporated with the eggs. add the vanilla essence or rum(if using one) and continue beating.

4. After the chocolate mix has been cooled add it with the egg mixture and fold.

5.Add the flour till the flour has all gone into the mixture and continue folding for 40 more strokes.

6. Add the nuts(if using one)

7. Pour the mixture into a 17inches square baking pan greased with butter, put a greased parchment paper with its end hanging at two sides to take the brownies out of the baking pan easier when finished. Tap it a cople of times and pop the big bubbles that will rise on the top. Make sure to spread the filling evenly into the pan

8. Lower the temperature of the oven at 150-160C and bake the brownies for 35-45 minutes or until done.

To check if it`s done instert a tothpick in the middle and if it comes out not clean but doesn`t look like you`ve just dipped it in a melted chocolate then its done. It should still be soft but not springy. Check once in a while if it comes too hard on the top you can cover it with aluminum foil on top.

9. Cool it in a cooling rack and refridgerate. Slice and serve.